Event Design

The Social Kitchen

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The project “The Social Kitchen” presents itself as a “pop-up installation” that combines food and design. In order to showcase outstanding achievements in New Zealand design and appliance engineering, in combination with the changing role of the kitchen as a social hub, visitors were received at an elegant kitchen inside a modified shipping container and at a table for 50 persons in a temporary blow-up cube. Here, they were treated to a range of classic New Zealand and newly invented dishes, which were arranged like bite-sized works of art; starting with dunking an Earl Grey biscuit into ginger nut tea. The individual steps of the preparation were shown using large-scale photographs. The event design furthermore included pole-based platters, uniforms with menus on the T-shirts and a newspaper, all with a consistent appearance, and a video documenting the design process. Statement by the jury »This event design combines the art of cooking with innovations in engineering and design in a highly memorable manner. The message that, today, the kitchen has become a versatile room where families and friends get together is communicated with various sensual impressions in an atmosphere in which everything is perfectly balanced and tailored, from the high-quality furniture to the service and the food presentation.«

  • Client:
    Fisher & Paykel, Auckland
  • Design:
    Alt Group, Auckland
  • creative direction:
    Dean Poole