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The Social Kitchen 2012

The Social Kitchen 2012 | Red Dot Design Award

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This event at the Urbis Design Day aimed at communicating Fisher & Paykel’s design philosophy to a design-minded audience. The key idea was to re-evaluate the kitchen, no longer conceiving it as just a room where food is prepared, but rather as a social hub in everyday life. A custom-designed, 65-metre-long kitchen in the cloud gave visitors an experience of moving along a journey of food. They could interact with Fisher & Paykel designers who wore T-shirts with questions about the experience to prompt conversations about the life lived around the product they designed.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Auckland
  • Design:
    Alt Group, Auckland
  • creative direction:
    Dean Poole, Mark Elmore
  • graphic design:
    Dean Poole, Zoe Ikin, Janson Chau, Kate Cullinane, Ben Corban, Aaron Edwards, Fisher & Paykel Design Team
  • text:
    Kate Cullinane, Janson Chau, Dean Poole
  • photography:
    Toaki Okano, Garth Badger
The Social Kitchen 2012 | Red Dot Design Award