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The Solar Annual Report 2011

The Solar Annual Report 2011 | Red Dot Design Award

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The Solar Annual Report 2011 is the result of a commission to develop a medium that portrayed Austria Solar as a consistently innovative Austrian inter-trade organisation. The result is the first annual report that is powered so to speak by the sun, since its content only becomes visible when sunlight falls onto the otherwise entirely white pages. This effect was achieved through an innovative printing technology, used for the first time in this context. Environmentally friendly, photochromic colours that can only be seen under UV light were employed to make the content of the report invisible to the human eye at first. Only when sunlight falls on the paper does the typeface become visible in bright hues of green, blue and red, revealing a clear design that presents the content in a clear and comprehensible layout. Laminated in silver-coloured foil, the annual report optimally fulfils the design demands and, in addition to presenting the content, also developed and introduced a new innovative printing technique. Statement by the jury »The Solar Annual Report 2011 is highly remarkable as it reveals its sophisticatedly laid-out content only through the help of sunlight. This peculiarity perfectly matches the concern and subject matter of Austria Solar. The binding is plain and simple – nothing was to distract from the UV-sensible effect of the colours and thus the aim of illustrating the sun’s power.«

  • Client:
    Austria Solar, Verein zur Förderung der thermischen Solarenergie, Vienna
  • Design:
    Serviceplan Campaign 3 GmbH, Munich
  • chief creative officer:
    Alexander Schill
  • creative direction:
    Christoph Everke, Alexander Nagel, Cosimo Möller
  • art direction:
    Matthäus Frost
  • text:
    Moritz Dornig
  • account management:
    Diana Günder
  • production:
    Melanie Dienemann
The Solar Annual Report 2011 | Red Dot Design Award
The Solar Annual Report 2011 | Red Dot Design Award
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