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The Sound of Fascinating Gases

The Sound of Fascinating Gases | Red Dot Design Award

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How can invisible and inaudible products like gases be communicated? After the gases had been given a face, the problem of how to make audible what would otherwise be inaudible was solved by developing an individual sound for each gas, giving it a voice and generating a soundscape for it. The aim was to reflect in sound the ethereal quality and diffuse “intangibility” of each gas. Without using all too definitive sounds or recognisable musical phrases, a floating, organic sound texture was designed giving all the gases a uniform aesthetic and a personality of their own. By means of a semi-generative sound design approach, the physical characteristics of the gases, for instance the number of electrons and the density, were translated into sound. Both on the microsite and in the dedicated app, the fascinating gases come alive with their own sound, becoming approachable and tangible – for employees, customers and interested people all over the world.

Statement by the Jury

The sound concept of this work convinces with a very good solution to the challenge of how to develop a sound for a fundamentally abstract topic. On the other hand, its aesthetic implementation has been particularly well thought out. Together with the intermodal analogies, the entire approach towards the sound design has been realised exceptionally well.

  • Client:
    Linde AG, Munich
  • Design:
    Johannes Malfatti, Berlin; amp – audible brand and corporate communication, Munich
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Johannes Malfatti
  • Creative Direction:
    Michele Arnese, Rudi Mauser, amp
  • Digital Concept:
    Norbert Moeller, Niels Stehn, Peter Schmidt Group, Hamburg
The Sound of Fascinating Gases | Red Dot Design Award