Red Dot Design Award
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The Sweets of Sunday Folks

The Sweets of Sunday Folks | Red Dot Design Award

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Sunday Folks is an independent artisanal dessert place famous for freshly churned ice cream. In December 2016, they decided to foray into the handmade sweets and chocolates market, which they had already been making in their shops, but only as toppings for ice creams. The challenge of the packaging design was to promote the sweets to buyers as desirable gifts during the competitive festive period. The design approach was to create a secondary visual identity, “The Sweets of Sunday Folks”, in order to associate the handcrafted quality that goes into the making of their ice creams with their sweets as well.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Calligraphy:
    Joanne Lim, The Letter J Supply, Singapore
  • Client:
    CBG Pte Ltd., Sunday Folks, Singapore
  • Design:
    Trine Design Associates, Singapore
The Sweets of Sunday Folks | Red Dot Design Award