Exhibition Design

The Time Machine – Wu Kingdom HelV Relics Museum

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The Time Machine creates an impressive visual style, mixing cinematic martial arts scenes shot in Shanghai with painting-style animations. This audiovisual installation enhances linear storytelling with interactive elements that aim to reinforce the visitors’ feeling of being transported to a distant place. Following the principle of a time machine, it takes them back in time, for instance to King Helv’s rise to power in China and the various battles and other legends of that period. This experience is facilitated by a complex network comprising 22 high-resolution projectors and more than 30 synchronised computers. The immersive experience is enhanced by spatial sound design with more than 30 channels that are connected to the different interactive media.

  • Client:
    Wu Kingdom HelV Relics Museum, Wuxi
  • Design:
  • Lead Project Management Company:
    ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño, S.A., Sevilla
  • Creative Lead:
    Boris Micka
  • Lead Project Management:
    Eric Teunis
  • Creative Lead/AV Production:
    Marc Tamschick
  • Sound Design/Composition:
    Stefan Will, BLUWI Music and Sounddesign GbR
  • Media Technology:
    Christian Hofer, Kraftwerk Living Technologies GmbH