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The Voice of Life

The Voice of Life | Red Dot Design Award

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The poster series “The Voice of Life” has an unmistakable message. It is committed to maintaining a sound environment and promoting the rights of animals, giving them a voice of their own. Against a signal red background, a butterfly, an elephant and a shark call out “Please, listen to my voice”, set in big letters. What is special about the animal illustrations is that they are the message themselves, easily recognisable by their outlines. Their appearance has been designed so that they form the letters themselves, for example, the wing of the butterfly is a “c”, while the trunk of the elephant is an “f”. Thus, form and content become almost congruent, further underscoring the relevance of the topic. The posters are infused with the hope that mankind can be awakened to no longer selfishly exploit nature and animals, stop the harm being done and start listening to the voices of animals that shout out loud at them: “Free me”, “Care for me” and “Save me”.

Statement by the Jury

The design of this poster series captivates with an ingenious congruence between message and presentation. The idea of turning the animal illustrations themselves into a cry for help is outstanding and has been equally well implemented into the overall composition. The brisk, almost as if hand-painted brushstrokes underscore the urgency that emanates from the pleas “Free me” or “Save me” to render the message in a highly energetic and creatively compelling manner.

Red Dot Design Award

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • University:
    Asia University, Taichung City, Taiwan
  • Design:
    Yu-Ru Chen Asia University
The Voice of Life | Red Dot Design Award
The Voice of Life | Red Dot Design Award
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