Brand Design

Theophil Vintage Edition

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In odd-numbered years the beer brewer Feldschlösschen creates a special mash for their “Theophil Vintage” specialty beer and bottles it in 500 numbered flagons as an exclusive treat for beer connoisseurs. The second bottle of this collector’s edition featured a presentation box in cherry wood and glasses with an appropriately understated printed design. The designers drew their inspiration for the golden print on the glass and the pyrogravure on the light wood from old printing techniques. A portrait of one of Feldschlösschen’s founding fathers is featured on this edition.

  • Client:
    Feldschlösschen Getränke AG, Rheinfelden
  • Design:
    Process Brand Evolution, Zurich
  • creative direction:
    Bärbel Fritz
  • graphic design:
    Didier Quarroz, Claudio Caravina