Think Feel

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The illustration for this poster, offered in high-quality silkscreen prints, celebrates mankind’s ability to create – as the result of the productive relationship between rational thinking and impulsiveness, wisdom and experimentation, technique and art, the objective and the subjective. The idea behind this is that the production of culture emerges as the culmination of the eternal clash between science and instinct – man’s need to “understand” against the sense of his own mortality. The graphic motif shows a brain with the characteristic lobes kept in an artistically naive style. A closer look – or when looking at the illustration at night – reveals that the motif printed on phosphorescent paper contains the anatomical structure of the heart depicted in slightly brighter orange. Thus, symbolically, during the day, it is the brain and its function of rational thought that is at the fore; at night, it is the heart as a symbol for emotion. Inseparably linking brain and heart, the design conveys the notion that both constitute human existence.

Statement by the Jury

Special about the poster “Think Feel” is the high-quality printing technique with phosphor, which makes it glow in the dark and thus turns the content idea into a whole. The illustration of the two entwined motifs is not only appealing but has also been implemented in a clever way. The message is expressed in a highly conclusive manner.

  • Client:
    Beetroot Design Group, Thessaloniki
  • Design:
    Beetroot Design Group, Thessaloniki
  • Creative Direction/Art Direction:
    Alexis Nikou
  • Silkscreen Printing:
    Tind, Athens