Red Dot Design Award

Thinking of You/Balloon Pavilion

Thinking of You/Balloon Pavilion | Red Dot Design Award

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The Thinking of You/Balloon Pavilion is an events site built using a 4 × 2m membrane canopy that is made of a lightweight, detachable and quick-assembly fabric that can easily fit various public locations. This pavilion defines a multifunction hall where people can meet casually and express themselves freely, thus fostering active community ties and spontaneous interpersonal relationships. The pavilion acts as a new intervention within the masterplan and intensifies the experience of movement as corners of alleys are marked clearly. Pathways inside the pavilion reveal various densities of floating membranes and vertical supporting stainless steel bars that shimmer in the sunlight and generate a moiré effect for passersby. The pavilion also defines a public space without enclosing people. Helium-filled balloons float gently in the air. By removing clusters in the structure, the membrane creates spacious gathering areas. Simple and elegant balloon modules are stretched in two directions and held up by positive air pressure within the space enclosed by the membrane. The modules are interlocked using cable ties and stabilised for integrity. Forces and tension in the membrane are brought to the ground through a series of steel bars and cables along the edges of the fabric. Economical, flexible, and portable, the entire pavilion can be packed into a 0.2 × 0.1 × 2.5m shipping box and transported easily using a non-motorised tricycle. The entire construction takes only several hours to complete.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Studio:
    YOJU Architects & Associates, China
  • Design Lead:
    Feng Bo
  • Design:
    Jin You, Xie Kaixuan
Thinking of You/Balloon Pavilion | Red Dot Design Award