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Three Bears Theory

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The philosophy guiding the Three Bears Theory, a graphic animation studio of three designers based in Hong Kong, is that meaningful stories can make a difference. Accordingly, the concept of its corporate identity is inspired by a popular fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a story about the simplicity of three choices. The logo features three circular shapes that represent the ears and the nose of a bear formed by the number “3”. This simplification also stands for the basis of the studio’s theory and how it approaches its work: with “maximum meaning, minimal means”, as the famous British graphic designer Abram Games once said. The mascot is a bear figure that is used vividly in many different poses, including on greeting cards, as animated gifs in newsletters or together with a note in an e-mail. Flexibly adaptable within the clear and distinctively designed corporate identity, this bear lends the identity a humorous and at the same time highly personal touch. Statement by the jury »The logo of this corporate design stands out because it consists not only of the bear but also the number three, merging them in a very straightforward and consistent manner. The story of the three design partners manifests itself in the application of this work, expressed in the form of a fairy tale and reflecting the playful as well as emphatic qualities of the designers.«

  • Client:
    Three Bears Theory, Hong Kong
  • Design:
    Three Bears Theory, Hong Kong
  • concept:
    Maxwell A. Davis, Hymn Wong, Stefan de Graaf
  • photography:
    Bashiru Ahenkora