Packaging Design

Thriller 25

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Commemorating the release of Michael Jackson’s cult album “Thriller” a quarter of a century ago, an anniversary edition containing a CD and a DVD was created. Matching the mysterious and energetic mood of the music, the cover features a simple black-and-white design with clear typography. When users pull out the inner casing containing the CD and the DVD, an animation on the outside cover is triggered: in the foreground, a Michael Jackson figure dances the “moon walk”, which was Jackson’s trademark move at his performances, so that users can almost see the music before they start listening. At the same time, the anniversary number 25 appears on the back of the cover. The diamond pattern on both booklet and the CD/DVD symbolises the value of Michael Jackson’s work as a “jewel of pop music”.

  • Client:
    Handong Global University, Pohang
  • Design:
    Jiye Kim, Sang-Ok Ha, Sung-Hee Jung