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Time Travel

Time Travel | Red Dot Design Award

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For the Mercedes-Benz SL’s new edition, an iPad ad for large daily newspapers was developed as a special means to promote the legendary luxury roadster on mobile devices. Together with the latest models, it celebrates the sixty-year-old SL history by inviting users on a fascinating trip into the past. With the help of an intuitive-to-handle “time machine”, the users can discover milestones in the contemporary history of car design through text and images. Complemented by important headlines from past decades, all former SL models are gathered on one dedicated newspaper page of authentic historic look which takes the users on a journey backward in time through various decades – all the way back to 1952 when the first SL was born. Echoing the styles of past decades, the design piques curiosity and lets users explore the full details of all former SL models – from the 300 SL sports car to the legendary “Pagoda”. Statement by the jury »Generated on the basis of the past Mercedes-Benz SL models, the iPad ad has the particular effect of virtually taking users back to past decades, which come to life through real information and an aesthetic look inspired by those times. The solution is outstanding in technique and design and thus instantly stimulates interest in the new SL.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland, Berlin
  • Design:
    Pixelpark/Elephant Seven, Berlin
  • creative direction:
    Oliver Baus
  • art direction:
    Katja Borsdorf
  • text:
    Julia Molina, Nils Liedmann
  • programming:
    Christian Beyer, Christian Häringer
Time Travel | Red Dot Design Award
Time Travel | Red Dot Design Award
Time Travel | Red Dot Design Award