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Tire People

Tire People | Red Dot Design Award

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By turning the Goodyear tire into a person, this advertising campaign highlights three different Goodyear technologies with three striking print motifs. In each motif, a person is shown bent around a wheel just like a tire – also emphasising the dark rubber feel. The messages of the three renderings are clear: thanks to the technology employed, a Goodyear tire is ready for wet conditions like a professional swimmer, it masters icy paths like an Eskimo, and it remains unaffected by puncturing from road objects like a fakir.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe B.V., Diegem
  • Design:
    Leo Burnett GmbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • Creative Direction:
    Andreas Pauli, Gabriel Mattar, Axel Tischer
  • Art Direction:
    Yigit Unan
  • Text:
    Mark-Marcel Müller
  • Artwork:
    Zombie Studios, São Paulo
Tire People | Red Dot Design Award
Tire People | Red Dot Design Award