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In addition to technical and marketing-oriented aspects, the relaunch of the website of digital agency TOWA also focuses on a sophisticated creative concept conveying individuality and personality. This is achieved through the use of a Metro design based on a tile system which, in addition to its functionally responsive technology, creates a unique layout for every individual page. Emotional still and moving images reflect the spirit of the agency while carefully personalised staff pages provide the user with individual insights.

  • Client:
    TOWA GmbH, Bregenz
  • Design:
    TOWA GmbH, Bregenz
  • Creative Direction/Concept/ Programming:
    Matteo Ender
  • Art Direction:
    Stephanie Olejarnik
  • Project Management/Text/ Strategic Planning:
    Florian Wassel
  • Photography/Film Direction/ Image Editing:
    Tanja Schwarzenbacher
  • Film Editing:
    Marko Tovilo