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Transhelvetica is an independent travel magazine for Switzerland, which aims at lending the subject a high degree of authenticity through high-quality presentation. Published since 2010, the magazine also features a design concept distinguishing it from other publications in the tourism industry. The goal is to promote sophisticated, responsible tourism for the “Lohas generation”, combining fun, adventure and a good sense for the hidden treasures at the doorsteps of its readers. It thus joins valuable information with well-designed packaging.

  • Editorial Work:
    Michèle Fröhlich
  • Creative Direction:
    Jon Bollmann, Michèle Fröhlich, Fabian Leuenberger, Pia Marti
  • Supervision:
    Neil Oliver Harte, Gina Marti
  • Design:
    Fabian Leuenberger, Zurich_
  • Customer Advisory Service:
    Sabeth Bollmann
  • Client:
    Passaport AG, Zurich
  • Account Management:
    Karl Grauhans