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Trial Zone

Trial Zone | Red Dot Design Award

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Every year, Nike launches the latest basketball footwear with exceptional innovations. However, on a normal shopping journey, these are hard to experience for potential buyers. With the physical limitations of retail environments in mind, the “Trial Zone” has been developed as a space that allows testing out the benefits of the footwear products, promoting an authentic experience as if playing on a basketball court. Customers are invited to a set of challenging basketball drills that are realised in this zone through floor projections and motion sensors to create a 1:1 interactive experience. The campaign ensures that customers are advised on suitable purchases for their performance needs, while exciting them with a memorable retail service.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    BRS Nike Taiwan Inc., Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Design:
    +ing Co., Ltd., Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Creative Direction:
    +ing Co., Ltd.
  • Programming:
    Fablab dynamic Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Film Production:
    Daymon Wu Taipei City, Taiwan
Trial Zone | Red Dot Design Award
Trial Zone | Red Dot Design Award
Trial Zone | Red Dot Design Award
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