Corporate Museum – SK Telecom Ubiquitous Museum

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Located at the SK Telecom headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, the exhibits the essence of future communication technology. It demonstrates a new possibility of future space design experience by defining ubiquitous environments with virtual and actual spaces such as “Smart Space”. Breaking away from traditional one-way viewing, visitors can truly engage in the experience through the digital avatar “”, which utilises user loca-tion tracking technologies to guide its owner. evolves by learning selective behaviours and experiences of visitors and their communication with each other while compiling information to its database. Also, a flow of LCD displays called “Media Floor” and mirrored ceilings which reflect the floor symbolise the combination of actual and virtual space.

  • Client:
    SK Telecom, Seoul
  • Design:
    SK Telecom, Seoul; CA PLAN, Seoul
  • creative direction:
    SK Telecom, Brand Management & Communication Team
  • graphic design:
  • project management:
    SK Marketing & Company, Space Marketing Team