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After three agencies merged into a new global service provider for the development of digital products, a new brand identity was created, which clearly stands out in the software developer market. The new company name, intive, stands for innovative strength, initiative and ingenuity. The semicolon is reminiscent of programming languages and gives the logo an unusual look. The corporate design features an original arrangement of vertical and horizontal elements. Friendly imagery, which playfully puts employee portraits centre stage, is combined with bold colours and illustrations.

  • Account Management:
    Alfons Deinhard
  • Animation:
    Gabriel Weiss
  • Art Direction:
    Carl Bartel
  • Client:
    BLStream S.A., Szczecin, Poland
  • Design:
    KMS TEAM, Munich, Germany
  • Managing Partner:
    Patrick Märki
  • Graphic Design:
    Dominik Pander, Lisa Mörtl, Britta Streicher
  • Strategic Planning:
    Andreas Wiehrdt
  • Director of Copywriting:
    Àxel Sanjosé