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TVC Heads

TVC Heads | Red Dot Design Award

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This TV commercial promotes the BMW Lane Departure Warning, a feature that warns drivers with a soft vibration in the steering wheel when they leave the lane that they are driving in. As its angle, the commercial uses the fact that, when driving a car, people sometimes are distracted and “wander off” in their heads. Accordingly, only the head of a man is shown, who imagines himself in different and, for him, pleasant situations at the sea: for example, snorkelling, enjoying a head massage or reading a book together with a beautiful woman on a big, round beach sofa, with her turning over the pages for him. The next scene shows him looking onto the sea from a rock, but suddenly his head starts to vibrate. The warning system gives the alarm and the audience sees the man back in reality, sitting behind the steering wheel of his BMW. Fully focused again after his little daydreams, he steers the car back into the lane and continues driving on relaxed and safely. Statement by the jury »The idea to present the functionality of BMW’s Lane Departure Warning in such a creative and engaging commercial is outstanding. This story of surreal appeal helps viewers understand the multimedia technology in an instant – and it does so in a very charming manner.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    BMW Group, Munich
  • Design:
    serviceplan, Hamburg
  • head of marketing/advertising:
    Alexander Schill
  • creative direction:
    Maik Kaehler, Christoph Nann
  • art direction:
    Mo Whiteman, Till Diestel
  • text:
    Jan Kesting, Marc Voshall
  • agency producer:
    Christoph Koehler
TVC Heads | Red Dot Design Award
TVC Heads | Red Dot Design Award
TVC Heads | Red Dot Design Award
TVC Heads | Red Dot Design Award
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