Poster Series

Tweens Generation

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This poster series deals with the phenomenon of the Tweens Generation – that is, children aged 10 to 13 – who are characterised by the fact that their thinking shifts like the colour of a chameleon, that millions of them follow the same flow in the blink of an eye, and that the Internet and media present to them the possibilities of sudden fame. The design of three levels, R, G and B, begins with the silhouette of a person, which is converted to a symbol and then transformed back into a living creature with the aim of resolving peoples’ doubts about the Tweens and convincing them that everything has a meaning. Translating the hypertense nature of these Tweens into a visually telling image, the three motif levels were superimposed to the effect that beholders are irritated at first, almost as clueless as the Tweens, and unable to make much sense of the image. The finely crafted illustration layers in red, yellow and blue actually require beholders to wear one of three special 3D glasses in order to optically decode and perceive them as individual images. Statement by the jury »The designs of this poster series present a highly enticing and innovative approach to visual representation. By rendering the motifs and levels in different colours, so that they can be deciphered only through special glasses, beholders are invited to experience a journey into the hidden deeper levels shown in these posters.«

  • Client:
    Da-Yeh University, Keelung City
  • Design:
    Yu-Shing Lin, Ching Chen, Yi-Chieh Kuo, Hsuan-Fang Wang, Chen-Chia Chiang