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TYPE HYPE – Online Store

TYPE HYPE – Online Store | Red Dot Design Award

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The offer of Berlin-based label Type Hype comprises a collection of premium designer products created in ecologically sustainable German manufactures. The products are based around the alphabet, while the holistically arranged assortment covers design lines ranging from Bauhaus to paper goods and fine food to vintage. The presentation of this comprehensive concept in the newly developed online shop includes a clear navigation and distinctively laid-out product categories. Appealing portraits of the important manufacturing partners offer additional information on the origin of the products. The store gives users a good overview of the entire range of products and features a fast check-out process. In order to visualise the product worlds further, an innovative product configurator that works in real time allows users to select items from the 2,000 plus products and bundle them into an individual set.

Statement by the Jury

The Type Hype online store features a highly consistent aesthetic that delivers users a holistic experience of this brand. It visualises the concept of a real store with an integrated coffee shop in a successful manner. This online retail platform is well thought out, featuring a clear design and an innovative product configurator that deliver a perfect overview of and direct access to the products.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    TYPE HYPE GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin
  • Design:
    Strichpunkt Design, Stuttgart/Berlin
  • Photography:
    Ailine Liefeld
  • Text:
    Jeroen van Rooijen
TYPE HYPE – Online Store | Red Dot Design Award