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In typography a typeface is a set of one or more fonts, but this book takes a different approach: it interprets the term “typeface” literally. Each letter of the alphabet (type) is combined with the face of a child. This results in 26 “TypeFaces”, illustrated with emotive photographs that form playful and inspiring contrasts to the imaginative design of the typefaces. In this way, children teach adults the alphabet and open their eyes to purity, beauty and unpredictability.

  • Client:
    Verena Panholzer/Andreas Balon, Vienna
  • Design:
    Verena Panholzer/Andreas Balon, Vienna
  • art direction:
    Verena Panholzer
  • concept:
    Verena Panholzer, Andreas Balon
  • text:
    Sibylle Hamtil, Verena Panholzer
  • photography:
    Andreas Balon
  • illustration:
    Verena Panholzer
  • printing:
    Theiss Druck