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UFA | Red Dot Design Award

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In 2013, the German film and TV production company UFA decided to simplify an organisational structure that had expanded over the years. The rebranding started with a new umbrella logo and a leaner structure for its sub-brands. The dated rhombus-shaped logo was abandoned in favour of a purely typographical solution that strikingly uses capital letters in a bold typeface. The Benton Sans font exhibits both modernity and tradition. The generous use of typography and colours characterise the appearance of the company’s printed material. For the audio branding, the very essence of the UFA brand – storytelling – was transferred into exciting worlds of sound.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    UFA GmbH, Potsdam
  • Design:
    Brody Associates, Berlin/London Wodrich Audio Branding, Berlin
  • Managing Director:
    Federico Heise, Brody Associates Alexander Wodrich, Wodrich Audio Branding
  • Creative Direction:
    Neville Brody, Daniel Borck, Sebastian Stottele, Brody Associates
  • Motion Design/Sound Design:
    Jan Marius Bansche, Holger Schuhmann, Wodrich Audio Branding
UFA | Red Dot Design Award
UFA | Red Dot Design Award
UFA | Red Dot Design Award