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Ukraine NOW

Ukraine NOW | Red Dot Design Award

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The objective of the corporate design for Ukraine Now is to render the current mood of invigoration in Ukraine in visual form. The aim of the new branding is supposed to communicate topical developments. Its minimalism makes the design easy to use. The word mark, for example, comprises just three elements: the word “now” is added to the name of the country and accentuated just as if it was highlighted with a yellow marker. In addition, the blue circle, reminiscent of the warning symbols used in social networks, serves as a variable background for different pictograms. These symbolise various topics which are added to fit the context, creating a logo which appears fairly optimistic.

Red Dot Design AwardRed Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Government of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Design:, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Creative Direction:
    Pavel Vrzhesch Yaroslav Serdyuk
  • Art Direction:
    Egor Petrov Mariya Dmitrova
  • Text:
    Roman Gurbanov Anastasiya Burganova
  • Account Management:
    Alina Megyd
Ukraine NOW | Red Dot Design Award