Red Dot Design Award

Ultra Thin Adjustable Surface Mount Downlight

Ultra Thin Adjustable Surface Mount Downlight | Red Dot Design Award

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Conventional LED surface mounted downlight are usually attached to a U-shaped mounting bracket that is fixed to the ceiling. The lights are then inserted and attached to the bracket. The installation efficiency is quite low. Surface-mounted downlight are also not adjustable once the angle of the lights are set. In situations where the lighting design requires certain effects, regular downlight poses application limitations. This ultra-thin and adjustable surface-mounted downlight is designed with a linkage structure. It works by pushing the ‘slider block’ and driving the ‘rotating positioning pin’ along the slot. Well-designed ‘slide limiters’ gather three ‘heat sinks’ together, which allows the parts to slide, rotate and move relative to each other. A fixed positioning plate with holes and slots on the left and right are designed to facilitate sliding and positioning. A faint scale marked on the surface helps estimate the angle at which the lights are projected. Pushing the ‘sliding block’ synchronises the three ‘heat sinks’ when the angle changes. The lights can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally. They also adopt dark light reflectors, which reduce glare effect. The fixture efficiency is over 90%. The light is surface mounted by a plastic rotatable part that connects and buckles the structure. The overall appearance is clean and classic while functioning safely and reliably.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    TECNON (Fujian) Commercial Lighting Co., Ltd., China
  • Design Lead:
    Lin Xin
  • Design:
    Hsiao I-Sheng, Hu Zhi-Xin, Huang Yun, Wen Jiang-Mei, Yao Cong-Jun, Ye Wei-Wen