Red Dot Design Award
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Umparken im Kopf

Umparken im Kopf | Red Dot Design Award

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What people think determines the way they see the world. Things people have prejudices about they often don’t see at all. In February 2014, this understanding led Opel to a national cross-media brand campaign, aimed at proving wrong all kinds of prejudices, preconceptions and popular misapprehensions around the car brand. This is supposed to ultimately lead to a 180-degree shift in society’s opinion: a “U-Turn in your head”. Initially, Opel, as the originator of the campaign, remained anonymous. The campaign caused a stir as Germany marvelled, debated and puzzled – prior to the surprising disclosure.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Adam Opel AG, Rüsselsheim
  • Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer:
    Tina Müller
  • Director Marketing Opel Germany:
    Andreas Marx
  • Head of Brand Communications/Sponsoring:
    Michael Theis
  • Design:
    Scholz & Friends
  • Creative Direction:
    Niels Alzen, Markus Daubenbüchel
  • Art Direction:
    Pia Gerhard, Alireza Javaherrashidi, Frauke Müller, Florian Schaar, Marcel Tobien, Sarah Vollmer
  • Copywriting:
    Elias Götze, Felix Hoge, Yun-Jung Hwang, Desiree Leiprecht
  • Illustration:
    Noma Bar, Niels Kasiske
  • Account Management:
    Meike Bösche, Ina Croissier, Mehmet Deriner, Dominik Exposito, Tim Schmitz, Dr Percy Smend, Joachim Stürken
  • Art Buying:
    Kerstin Mende
Umparken im Kopf | Red Dot Design Award
Umparken im Kopf | Red Dot Design Award