Red Dot Design Award


UNCOMFORTABLE CUP | Red Dot Design Award

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Scarce or contaminated water is an urgent topic for a consistently growing number of people around the world. This paper cup, which is to be handed out by Unicef and Evian during a public awareness campaign, conveys an idea of what this experience is like. The straw accompanying the cup turns out to be useless, for the cup is completely sealed in spite of what appear to be several straw holes in the lid. When the thirsty campaign participants finally succeed in removing the lid completely, they have most likely made many attempts at getting to the water – just like those people around the world suffering from thirst. A corresponding message is found on the bottom of the cup.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Gachon University/Main
  • creative direction:
    Da Woon Jung
  • art direction:
    Ju Ho Han
  • photography:
    Yeo Kyu Kim