Red Dot Design Award
Corporate Design

Unterlinden Museum Colmar

Unterlinden Museum Colmar | Red Dot Design Award

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Musée Unterlinden, a former Antonine convent dating from 1245, houses the famous Issenheim Altarpiece. Thanks to an extension, a large number of modern and contemporary masterpieces, which had previously been in storage, are now part of the exhibition. Therefore the new corporate design connects the 11th century with the 21st, Matthias Grünewald with Jeff Wall, and communication with signage – all this by means of a new logo, typography, striking design elements, and its imagery as well as its colour scheme. The communication concept of the exhibition puts this province of eastern France on the cultural map of Europe and points at the enormous quality of the past and present culture of the Rhineland.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    New Identity Ltd., Basel
  • Art Direction:
    Max Nestor, Hélène Schnaitmann
  • Graphic Design:
    Helen Bartenschlager, Ramon Classen, Heike Hilterscheid, Barbara Mayer, Robert Wesseler
  • Creative Direction:
    Christian Bannholzer, Heiko J. Klemme
  • Client:
    Musée Unterlinden Colmar