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UP DOWN | Red Dot Design Award

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An extraordinary book for Opel fans and vintage car lovers has evolved from Thomas von Salomon’s enthusiastic photographic project. In terms of photography and manufacturing, it explores the borders of possibility in a pleasantly relaxed way. It offers an unprecedented perspective on Opel’s historic racing cars, presenting it with a complementary binding and an unobtrusive yet diversified design. The photos are integrated into a layout rich in contrast. Sophisticated finishing, such as the embossed title, complements the book to form a harmonious entity.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client / Photography:
    Thomas von Salomon, Offenbach
  • Design:
    Raum Drei, Munich
  • Art Direction:
    Florian Stürmer
  • Production:
    Kristian Krach
  • Post-Production:
    Michael Compensis, Munich
UP DOWN | Red Dot Design Award
UP DOWN | Red Dot Design Award
UP DOWN | Red Dot Design Award