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UPON PAPER | Red Dot Design Award

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The biannual UPON PAPER magazine incorporates a kind of curated portfolio object. With its oversize closed format of 49 x 69 cm and a weight of 2.25 kg, it has a strong physical presence that demands the reader’s full attention. Each issue is dedicated to one leitmotif that correlates dynamically with the specific theme of “paper” treated in each individual issue. The first issue of the magazine, which was published in German and English, explores the metropolis of Los Angeles as a home to both popular and high culture. On 80 pages, it presents a blend of features on artists such as David Hockney, Tobias Zielony and Mirko Martin, portraits of the skateboard scene as well as the new and old Hollywood, a fashion editorial, the Beach Boys, and Wim Wenders. The full-page reproduction of numerous motifs and photographs paired with high-quality production turns reading this magazine into a sensual experience. In addition, the loosely bound prints can be taken out individually and used as posters. Statement by the jury »The mere size of the format lends the UPON PAPER magazine enormous power. This also enhances the content that impresses by a lavish production paired with a clear typographical layout. The loose binding is an excellent idea because it allows individual pages to be taken out and used as posters.«

  • Client:
    Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH, Dassel
  • Design:
    UPON PAPER, Berlin
  • creative direction:
    Helder Suffenplan
  • editorial director:
    Paul Hetherington
UPON PAPER | Red Dot Design Award
UPON PAPER | Red Dot Design Award
UPON PAPER | Red Dot Design Award
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