User Interface Design

URSA Mini User Interface

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The user interface of the URSA Mini, a super 35mm digital film camera designed for use in the TV and film industry, has been innovatively optimised for touchscreen use according to a recent upgrade of the camera’s functionality and features. A head-up display allows quick access to the settings, significantly reducing configuration time. A meaningful modular structure of the navigation menu is intuitive. Easily adjustable tools and quick customisation facilitate creation processes, as well as the post-production workflow for users of all levels.

  • Design:
    Blackmagic Design, User Interface Team, Melbourne
  • Technical Advice:
    Jody Stowers
  • Concept:
    Alana Manning
  • Creative Direction:
    Matt Dowling, Alexander Diaz
  • Client:
    Blackmagic Design, Melbourne
  • Art Direction:
    James O’Shea
  • Prototyping:
    Sebastian Walther