Corporate Identity

UUL – National Art Museum, Seoul

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The logo of the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul means “our museum next door” and emphasises the idea of a cultural institute that is attuned to the people. Not only the logo but also the entire corporate design is characterised by dots and lines smoothly blending into each other. This distinctive design feature, on the one hand, reflects the concept of the museum as a living organism. On the other hand, it expresses the connection of tradition and modernity through a binary system. Inspired by a digital world, the visual identity plays with the impact of two highly contrasting colours and the blending of their contours. The application of this design to various promotional materials achieves a multifaceted visual appearance.

  • Client:
    National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Design:
    CDR Associates, Seoul
  • team:
    Sung Chun Kim, Eunsil Yi, Hyung Seok Jung