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UYN is a high-tech functional apparel brand launched in 2018 by Trerè Innovation, a leading Italian company in the development, production and distribution of high-tech clothing, with more than 60 years of experience in the segment. Sportswear is developed under the UYN brand that combines purely natural raw materials with high-tech innovations, guaranteeing functionality and comfort. The brand thus appeals to both recreational sports enthusiasts and Olympic champions across many disciplines. A multidisciplinary in-house creative team was entrusted with the development of the new brand and the expanded brand communication. The brand name UYN, which has been transferred to a distinctive word mark, is an acronym for the brand slogan “Unleash Your Nature”. The slogan also includes an invitation to buyers to do their best, as well as the company’s promise to support any type of athlete with products and help athletes to get the best performance out of themselves. The communication strategy aims to focus the promotion on innovation and the resulting product performance. The imagery in advertisements, presentations, lookbooks and so forth harmoniously locates the brand between cutting-edge technology and high design demands, successfully appealing to a young, style-conscious target group with great sporting ambitions. The short films showcase the products in use from partially unusual and surprising angles. Sometimes technical features are highlighted, while at other times well-known professional athletes have their say as brand ambassadors. The packaging of the products is made of environmentally friendly FSC-certified materials and has been designed to clearly communicate the special product characteristics through text and icons. The technical-stylish brand appearance consistently extends into the look of exhibition stands and pop-up stores: architecture and interior design come together to attract attention and create a three-dimensional brand experience.

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