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This online platform of the boutique for avantgarde bath design serves both as the official corporate site as well as the main sales channel, which the company defines as its “E-Boutique”. The fully responsive site offers a lot of response elements, video content, a sophisticated product presentation and augmented reality features. It is aimed at supporting the brand’s course that has been set for a future in which modern concepts integrate the bathroom as a private backstage area, with increasing demands on aesthetics, ambience and design, and do not have to stay an elitist privilege.

  • Client:
    VALLONE GmbH, Essen
  • Marketing Management:
    Kai Rohde
  • Design:
    Der frühe Vogel & Freunde GmbH, Essen
  • Creative Direction:
    Eva Thelen
  • Strategic Planning:
    Marcel Sekula
  • Programming:
    Moritz Zbocna
  • Photography:
    Arne Hoffmann, Hamburg