Red Dot Design Award

Vario, My First Kitchen Appliance

Vario, My First Kitchen Appliance | Red Dot Design Award

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Through the use of a base plate with integrated induction ring (for heat transfer) and a magnetic ring (for rotating motion), multiple functions are combined into one VARIO kitchen device. VARIO has a modular concept, and a range of interchangeable cooking tops extends its multifunctionality. The options are countless, and one can easily switch between different cooking tops. The induction plate function allows regular stove usage with normal pots and pans; the high-quality grill plate has ribs that heat up; the stock pot is handy for making soup, and the elements can be mixed, for example, to enable sous vide cooking with a stacked steam basket to reuse the steam. If there is a specific cooking need, a customised pot can be made. The weighing unit in the base of the device recognises the type of cooking top that is placed and automatically adjusts itself to the specific cooking function. It even tracks the weight of ingredients to measure a cooking time. A signal is given when the next step in the cooking process is due and evaporation is controlled to prevent the food from burning. VARIO is accompanied by a cooking APP that connects the entire kitchen. Within the APP, a search engine suggests suitable recipes based on the user’s input of the cooking top, users’ taste preferences and cooking skills level. Furthermore, the cooking plates are designed to be stackable so that it minimises storage space. Its modular system allows users to start with basic components and gradually expand the system according to future needs and preferences.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Rik Oudenhoven, Netherlands