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Vector Coded Ads

Vector Coded Ads | Red Dot Design Award

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Vector is a huge employer in the IT sector and a technology partner to the global automotive industry. However, it is virtually unknown among career starters. With the aim of lending the company a striking appeal as an employer brand, this campaign speaks directly to potential applicants in their programming language of choice – from Java to C++. The self-made feel of the campaign does not come across as advertising but rather as a dialogue between experts – with confident statements that repeatedly highlight the unique mindset of the people at Vector.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Production:
    Stefan Pulster
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Stephan Ganser
  • Art Direction:
    Maja Lindemann
  • Design:
    Publicis Pixelpark, Munich
  • Client:
    Vector Informatik GmbH, Stuttgart
  • Text/Concept:
    Reinhard Putscher
  • Creative Direction:
    Manfred Feiger
  • Account Management:
    Beate Ernst
Vector Coded Ads | Red Dot Design Award
Vector Coded Ads | Red Dot Design Award