Red Dot Design Award
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Violin and Cello Concert at Berwaldhallen, Stockholm

Violin and Cello Concert at Berwaldhallen, Stockholm | Red Dot Design Award

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This poster promotes a special violin and cello concerto performed at the renowned Berwaldhallen in Stockholm. Based on a photograph of the soloists, the poster design uses silhouettes both to create contrasts and to highlight the eeriness of the photo. It draws attention by having the letters make the soloists’ fading bodies look bold, while the conductor’s name is set to make him a figure of his own in between the soloists. The typography is placed vertically in tune with the string concert and the stringed instruments. The contrasting effect of colour and typography expresses the drama of the string concerto to be played.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Berwaldhallen, Stockholm
  • Design:
    Gabor Palotai Design, Stockholm
  • Photography:
    Christian Coinbergh
  • Art Direction:
    Gabor Palotai
  • Graphic Design:
    Gabor Palotai, David Wickström