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“Virtual Adoption” is an Internet platform for people who plan to purchase a pet, simulating a virtual pet ownership, including both entertaining and tedious tasks. Its aim is to reduce the impulse purchases of pets, which lead to countless abandoned animals every year, and to solve the problem through virtual adoption. With the help of a three-day programme, users have time to seriously think about and fully realise what owning and taking care of a pet involves and means. They just need to log in on Facebook, select a “trial dog” and perform some tasks. Users have to play with their virtual dogs or feed them, are prompted to walk them and have to find a nearby animal hospital using GPS navigation on their cell phones. After the trial, a report based on the user’s responses tells the user whether they are ready to own a dog or not. Education, backed up by specific guidance and feedback, as well as an appealing design, have contributed to the success of the Virtual Adoption platform, which since its launch has encouraged many users to reconsider their decision about owning a pet.

Statement by the Jury

The very touching issue of keeping a pet is clearly communicated and solved with the help of an outstanding idea: the guidance programme, accessible via Facebook, is intuitive and easy to use. The message and goal of this work are thus summed up in a highly appealing and convincing manner.

  • Client:
    iPrefer Digital Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd., Taipei
  • Design:
    iPrefer Digital Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd., Taipei
  • Creative Direction:
    Rick Guo
  • Account Management:
    Jia-Wei Rao
  • Art Direction:
    Kai-Chiang Chung
  • Copywriting:
    Faye Ku
  • Technical Direction:
    Mao-Shen Yeh
  • Programming:
    Bo-Cheng Chen