Vision 2020 – Siemens Annual Report 2014

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The strategic theme of the 2014 annual report by Siemens reads “Vision 2020 – We make real what matters”. The tone for it is set under three themes: a strong mission, an ownership culture, and a consistent strategy. Each theme is presented in a dedicated magazine-like part on the inside, with eye-catching full-page photo stories and handwritten quotes by company employees, aimed at conveying a vivid image of the globally active company. The magazine style, image-oriented layout of this comprehensive report thus provides variety in telling the story of Siemens through numerous project examples and stands in contrast to the financial part with its clean graphic arrangement printed on chamois coloured paper. This combination creates an appealing and informative overall appearance that communicates the company group as contemporary and responsible.

Statement by the Jury

This annual report convinces with several reading levels that lend it a consistent structure and invite readers to dive into it. The three thematic parts stand out both visually and in terms of content against the project pages, succeeding in conveying a highly vivid multifaceted image of the company group. The self-sufficient financial part, in turn, distinguishes itself through a solidly clean layout.

  • Client:
    Siemens AG, Munich
  • Design: gmbh, Munich
  • Creative Direction:
    Benjamin Klöck
  • Art Direction:
    Thomas Tscherter
  • Communication Design:
    Lukas Millinger, Sebastian Hoffmann
  • Project Management:
    Julia Mende
  • Artwork:
    Adelgund Janik
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