Media Wall

Vision Hall, Hyundai Motor Group University, Mabuk Campus, South Korea

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Vision Hall, which belongs to a human resources development centre of Hyundai Motor Group, was designed for its employees to visually experience the company’s philosophy. The hall uses state-of-the-art technology like a 3D sound system and a media wall (24 x 3.5 metres) to present interactive content of up to 48K resolution. The current multimedia exhibition of international artists was organised to stimulate an ongoing dialogue between the company and employees. Vision Hall and the selected artworks are meaningful, as they open up a space of dialogue and reflect on the company’s willingness to communicate.

  • Client:
    Hyundai Motor Group, Seoul
  • Design:
    Suh Architects, Seoul Do Ho Suh, London
  • creative direction:
    Do Ho Suh, London Kia Design Center, Frankfurt/Main
  • concept:
    Do Ho Suh, London Suh Architects, Seoul Kia Design Center, Frankfurt/Main
  • project management:
    Innocean Worldwide, Visual Communication Division, Seoul
  • motion design:
    Do Ho Suh, London Universal Everything, Sheffield Imagebakery, Seoul
  • exhibition stand construction:
    Suh Architects, Seoul
  • photography:
    Kyungsub Shin, Seoul Nils Clauss, Seoul
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