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Visual Beat

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“Visual Beat” is an interactive music video that blurs the boundaries between a supposedly passive audience and an active, creative group of directors and musicians, while, in doing so, challenging these roles. Users of the app become part of the artistic process and are incorporated both into the arrangement of the musical composition as well as the visual elements of the music video. The app invites users to tap on the individual fields to control how a song and its beat as well as the aesthetic appearance of the video develop. The diverse palette of instruments and vocal lines facilitates a virtually unlimited number of combinations, allowing app users to turn into the creators of personal songs and videos. The required building blocks were created in collaboration with four musicians, each covering a different genre. Also developed exclusively for each musician, the app features an individual visual language that can be brought to life using handmade stop-motion animation to generate original, partly modular-system-based visual worlds.

Statement by the Jury

The interactive music video “Visual Beat” has been consistently implemented in terms of the way it combines several media. The approach to use music, video and interaction in this way is novel. The app runs smoothly and is fun and intuitive to operate for creating interactive music videos. Furthermore, the sounds are musically well composed and produced to a high standard achieving an overall highly convincing work.

  • Programming:
    Bastian Clausdorff, Hamburg Nick Riegler, Augsburg
  • Design:
    Max Mörtl, Munich
  • Music:
    Mona Steinwidder, Hamburg Julian Terbuyken, Hamburg Clara Dittmer, Hamburg Johannes Dobroschke, Munich
  • Costumes:
    Eva Bienert, Munich
  • Client:
    Max Mörtl, Munich