Vodafone Germany Enterprise

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The relaunch of the German business website for the telecommunication company Vodafone features a clear, comprehensible menu structure and a storytelling approach centred on the company’s portfolio. Each business segment was complemented by new content, along with case studies, reference customers and links to social media platforms. The prominently placed call back request and call-to-action buttons on every page make it easy to get in contact with the company, thus attracting new customers. The responsive design offers users optimal access to the website.

  • Client:
    Vodafone GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • CMS Development:
    Marcel Enners
  • Project Lead:
    Lars Jacobs, Georgios Papazoglou
  • Marketing Management:
    Mareike Bautsch
  • Content Editor:
    Birte Erkelenz, Martin Wornowski
  • Design:
    Vodafone GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • Search Engine Optimisation:
    Jasmin Lehmann
  • Design Team:
    Xavier Lopez Sanchez, Thomas Schuler