Volkswagen Sustainability Report 2014

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The Volkswagen Sustainability Report for 2014 illustrates the essential role that responsible behaviour has taken in the Group’s corporate governance strategy. It is divided into five sections. Highlighted quotations, interesting key figures, clearly laid-out info boxes and concise text passages make the report a varied reading experience. A prominent feature is the colour coding: each chapter features an individual colour that marks all design elements, illustrations, diagrams and graphics. Another striking feature is found in the shortened pages at the beginning of each chapter, which show a world map introducing the topic with relevant figures. The sustainability principle is also reflected in the selection of paper: the report was printed on carbon-neutral recycled paper.

  • Client:
    Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg
  • Design:
    3st kommunikation GmbH, Mainz
  • Creative Direction:
    Marcel Teine