Voltalogy in 2 minutes

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“Voltalogy in 2 minutes” is an animated film that introduces a new agency name and a corresponding company philosophy. It uses a dog as a metaphor and shows how a “top dog” – or, similarly, a new brand or corporate identity – is created. The individual set designs only use a few colours. However, the red dog lead, which appears again and again, runs through the film like a recurring theme and, in the end, creates the agency name Volta_thinks_visual. The images are accompanied by explanations from an off-screen voice.

  • Client:
    Volta_thinks_visual, Utrecht
  • Design:
    Volta_thinks_visual, Utrecht
  • Concept:
    Jan Paul de Vries, Pieter van den Heuvel, Peter Winkens
  • Animation:
    Yvonne Kroese Beeld, Amsterdam
  • Motion Design:
    Maurice van der Bij, Fruitcocktail, Amsterdam
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Kuitenbrouwer & Henselmans, Utrecht