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Vorwerk Annual Report 2013

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Personal contact between sales staff and customers – be it in the Americas, Europe or Asia – is the key to the success of Vorwerk Direct Sales. In order to appreciate the differing nature of these dialogues, the Vorwerk 2013 Annual Report delves into the signals, rituals, customs and particularities that reflect them. Also, the report features the irony and playful design elements that are so much a part of Vorwerk’s freethinking individuality as a family enterprise. Emotionally engaging articles recount enthralling and elaborately illustrated stories from the company’s sites across the world.

  • Client:
    Vorwerk & Co. KG, Wuppertal
  • Design:
    OrangeLab, Düsseldorf
  • Text:
    Michael Weber, Alexandra Stolpe
  • Creative Direction:
    Tina Peine, Thilo Redlinger, Wilfried Vollmary
  • Project Management:
    Barbara Roithmeier
  • Editorial Copies:
    Harald Breidenbach
  • Printing:
    Jan Vetter, Druckhaus Ley + Wiegandt GmbH + Co, Wuppertal