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Vroege Vogels

Vroege Vogels | Red Dot Design Award

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In order to engage a broader target audience for the Vroege Vogels (Early Birds), a radio show by the Dutch broadcasting station VARA, this app aims at disseminating the enormous knowledge that the hosts of the show have accumulated about the diversity of nature in the Netherlands. Developed as an easily approachable platform, it offers many possibilities for learning more about the Dutch natural environment. Users can upload photo, audio or video queries to receive an answer on the 15,000 species recorded in the “Naturalis” database. It also comprises photos, articles, TV and radio fragments taken from the broadcasting station’s own Vroege Vogels database.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Graphic Design:
    Kjeld Meijer
  • Client:
    BNN-VARA, Hilversum
  • Creative Direction:
    Jan-Willem van Beek, Alain Dujardin
  • Concept:
    TjerkJan van Oord, Jordi Koppenhol
  • Design:
    Greenberry, Utrecht
Vroege Vogels | Red Dot Design Award
Vroege Vogels | Red Dot Design Award
Vroege Vogels | Red Dot Design Award