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W Oven

W Oven | Red Dot Design Award

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As the pace of life increases exponentially, time-saving becomes a focus of people’s lives in today’s society. Currently, ovens available on the market tend to be homogenous in their design, functions and make. W Oven sets itself a part with unique features based on the idea of saving both time and space. Its two-door design allows for rapid and partitioned grilling of food, which balances practicality with an attractive design. Depending on the needs of the situation, users can choose to open one door or both doors when putting the food in. Users can divide the cavity into two layers by using complementary accessories to form two independently sealed spaces. When baking a single pizza or steak, the small door can be opened below separately to preserve the quality and speed of the ongoing baking performance. W Oven is also integrated with a specially designed simple smoker, where wood chips can be inserted and baked together with food to produce a proper amount of smoke that creates a special taste and aroma. Different from conventional ovens on the market, the control box is located at the top so that operation is more convenient. There is a knob for each mode of operation and a small independent display. This design not only preserves the simple and convenient operation of physical knobs, but also provides intuitive and straightforward feedback to the user, which enhances the whole user experience.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Guangdong Midea Kitchen Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China
  • Design Lead:
    Kang Junmuck
  • Design:
    Hou Bangbin, Kim Woon Hyoung, Ma Suping, Yuan Jinjiang