Red Dot Design Award

Waist Bowl - Intuitive Ergonomic Bowl

Waist Bowl - Intuitive Ergonomic Bowl | Red Dot Design Award

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Waist Bowl is designed to solve a common problem when trying to put a hot bowl of soup on the table. It is instinctive to hold the bowl where it is less hot, so most people attempt to hold the bowl by its foot ring. However, the fingers are usually awkwardly stuck between the bowl’s foot ring and the table’s surface, forcing people to tilt the bowl, which risks spilling hot liquid on the table. Waist Bowl addresses this problem with an elevated foot ring that makes it more comfortable to grip the bowl. The design seeks to eliminate the small annoyances of daily life – in particular, the discomforts that have become so habitual that we no longer notice them. The bowl makes the unnoticeable noticeable and provides a means of correction, all while fitting in comfortably to daily behaviours such that one won’t even notice the change.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Jonathan Saphiro Salim, Singapore