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These print advertisements for the celebration of edding’s 50th anniversary aim to convey that edding pens for the past 50 years have sparked the creativity of the people who use them. The campaign is based on the idea of rendering a virtual experience of the fact that the quality of an edding pen is best shown when it is used for writing, painting or illustration. Thus, for the anniversary event, an interactive live-drawing-board was developed at for all Internet users to participate in and add further details to a collaborative piece of art that thus changes and grows all the time – meanwhile it consists of over 150,000 drawings not just from illustrators but also other people from over 150 countries. Each advertisement shows one section of this enormous piece of art, a unique example that both demonstrates worldwide creativity and indicates how much space can be filled with writing or illustrations using the available ten markers. Statement by the jury »This ad campaign convinces through its self-evident content. Without the need for explanatory words, it shows what it is about and what edding pens can be used for. Furthermore, it impressively demonstrates the creation of something unique, an artwork to which people around the globe contribute by using the same ‘tool’ and which also reflects their individual style.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    edding International GmbH, Ahrensburg
  • Design:
    kempertrautmann gmbh, Hamburg
  • creative direction:
    Simon Jasper Philipp, Christoph Gähwiler, Stefan Walz, Gerrit Zinke, Christian Fritsche
  • art direction:
    Simon Jasper Philipp, Stefan Walz, Florian Schimmer
  • text:
    Christoph Gähwiler, Samuel Weiß, Michael Götz
  • customer advisory service:
    Niklas Kruchten, Elisabeth Einhaus, Andrea Bison, Dorothea Feurer (Freelancer)
  • production / programming / technical installation:
    demodern | digital design studio
  • computeranimation / motion graphics and 3d:
    Liga_01 Computerfilm GmbH | Red Dot Design Award | Red Dot Design Award